Office for Android Phones Released

Office for Android Phones Released

Earlier today Microsoft announced the general availability of the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Android phones.

It was just five weeks ago that Microsoft began the Office for Android Phones preview program and in that time frame these apps have been tested on more than 1,900 different Android handsets around the world in 83 countries.

Feedback was a key during the preview process, as it has become for many of Microsoft's products and services, and that feedback helped to shape things like making the process of connecting to other cloud storage services like Box and Google Drive easier.

You may recall that Microsoft has teamed up with over 30 Android manufacturers to pre-load these apps on Android devices from companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG (read more here).

I have been using these apps on Android since I spent a week with the Samsung S4 as my daily driver and now on the LG G4 that I am using. Being able to easily connect to documents through the cloud on my handset while mobile for quick edits make these apps invaluable.

I have set up galleries to highlight screenshots from each app as they appear on the LG G4:

Microsoft has also provided some resources to introduce you to the apps:

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