NT Gatekeeper: Using One Master Password to Access Multiple Web Sites

Does a third-party tool exist for Windows NT 4.0 that lets you use one master password to access multiple Web sites that require unique credentials?

Password Minder (PWM), from DevelopMentor's Keith Brown, lets you use one master password to access passwords for multiple resources and stores the credential cache in a secured file as part of your user profile. Instead of having to remember multiple passwords, you need to remember only the master password, which PWM uses to automatically retrieve your other passwords from an encrypted XML file.

PWM is easy to use. When you access a Web site that requires you to enter a username and password, press Ctrl+Shift+P to launch PWM. The tool asks you for your master password, then displays a list of Web sites for which it has cached credentials. Select the site you want, press Enter, and PWM enters the stored password for you.

PWM requires NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later and Windows .NET Framework. You can download the tool for free from http://www.developmentor.com/kbrown/security/code/pwm.zip.

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