NT Gatekeeper: Changing Passwords from the Command Line

Can I let Windows NT 4.0 users change their passwords from the command line? Also, how can I use the command line to retrieve a domain's account policy that holds the password restrictions and lockout settings?

On NT 4.0 systems, only administrators can use the command line to change users' passwords. To do so, the administrator can use the Net User command-line utility. For example, when an administrator types

net user joe *

the system prompts the administrator to enter and confirm a password for user Joe. An administrator can directly set the password for Joe, without an interactive prompt, by typing

net user joe newpassword

This command lets you use a batch file to reset the passwords of multiple users at the same time. Users without administrative privileges receive the error message System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied when they try to use Net User to change their passwords.

To use the command line to retrieve a domain's account policy settings, type

net accounts /domain
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