Nokia Tries Again

Nokia is taking a second shot at the portable gaming market with a new version of its N-Gage gaming device. The new version, called N-Gage QD, is a cheaper, stripped-down version of the original N-Gage. The N-Gage experienced lackluster sales because of its high $299 price and awkward design, but the N-Gage QD will cost just $199 and will come in a more svelte form factor. Also, Nokia has reduced the device's functionality to focus on just gaming and telephony, so MP3 playback and USB connectivity are out. The company also changed the design of the device to address user complaints related to game-cartridge loading and using the device as a cell phone. Other new features include an increase to 65,000 colors (from 4096 in the original) and as much as 10 full hours of battery life for game playing. The new N-Gage QD will ship worldwide starting next month

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