Nokia Provides a Few Crumbs for Windows, Windows Phone Users

Nokia Provides a Few Crumbs for Windows, Windows Phone Users

At Mobile World Congress, a cricket chirps

While Nokia's Mobile World Congress press event seemed designed to undercut the pending sale to Microsoft, the firm did more than just announce the unnecessary Nokia X smart phones. It also threw Windows and Windows Phone users a bone in the form of coming new apps and technologies. So we've got that going for us.

And seriously, is anyone else a bit weirded out by the fact that Nokia announced three new Android-based smart phones—the Nokia X lineup—as well as new Asha devices and entry-level Nokia phones ... but not a single Windows Phone model? Seriously?

OK, calming down. Give it a second. And ... there.

So, aside from the bizarre nature of watching a company that is about to be subsumed by Microsoft extend a giant middle finger towards Redmond, Nokia did in fact announce a number of things related to Windows and Windows Phone. Nothing major, mind you. But still of interest.


Nothing major, but Nokia revealed that it has released the Nokia Imaging SDK 1.1, and this version now supports Windows. This SDK allows developers to create apps for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, and it's the technology behind Nokia's amazing Nokia Storyteller and Nokia Camera apps (for Windows Phone; I guess I'd be more impressed if these apps were coming to Windows).

Nokia also revealed earlier that the HERE Maps app, previously available only on the Lumia 2520 tablet, will be made available to all Windows 8.1/RT 8.1 users too.

Windows Phone

The news for Windows Phone users is a lot better.

For the Windows Phone faithful, Nokia reports that many third party developers—including Facebook, BBM, Twitter, LINE, Viber, Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Rovio—have committed to making their "key apps" available across all of Nokia's smart phone platforms (Asha, Nokia X and Lumia) and feature phones. So we'll be seeing some new apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, BBM and Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone soon.

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