Nokia Lumia 1520 – Visually

Nokia Lumia 1520 – Visually

Nokia's first phablet is certainly attractive ... and comes with some cool accessories

Here is a quick visual tour of the Lumia 1520, Nokia's new flagship phablet. As noted in my Nokia Lumia 1520/1320 Preview, this device features a massive 6-inch, Full HD (1080p) IPS display and a 20 megapixel PureView camera. And in an added surprise, it's coming with some cool new accessories too.

These photos are courtesy of Nokia.

Design. Available in four colors--white, black, yellow and red--the Lumia 1520 features the classic Nokia unibody design.

Front. 1080p, 6-inch IPS screen.

Back. 20 megapixel PureView camera.

Side. Standard Nokia button set: Volume up and down, Power, Camera.

New accessory: Portable Wireless Charging Plate DC-50

New accessory: I haven't yet seen a mention of this anywhere, but Lumia 1520 users can get an optional screen cover that looks and works a lot like Apple's iPad Smart Cover.

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