Nokia Announces Windows Phone 8 Handsets

Struggling smartphone maker Nokia announced two new handsets based on Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 system but declined to answer questions about pricing, availability, or timing. The result was frustration among enthusiasts, media, and the financial market, which sent Nokia’s stock reeling.

Nokia announced two new Windows Phone handsets, the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, at a special event in New York that occurred on the same day as the opening of Nokia World back in the firm’s home town of Helsinki, Finland. The US event prompted rumors that AT&T Wireless would be part of the event, but Nokia never mentioned any wireless-carrier partners, let alone pricing or exact timing for their respective releases.

“It was just 18 months ago that Nokia outlined a new strategy to deliver great mobile products,” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said, opening the New York announcement. “We recognized that the industry had shifted from a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems. First, we joined the Windows Phone ecosystem … and we moved quickly to help Microsoft bring even more innovation to the ecosystem.”

Nokia describes its next flagship handset, the Lumia 920, as “the most innovative smartphone in the world.” Replacing the Lumia 900, the Lumia 920 features the best camera in any smartphone, the best mapping software, and the most immersive viewing experience, Nokia claims, courtesy of its new 4.5" PureMotion HD+ (1280 x 768) display. It can charge wirelessly and comes with leading-edge specs: a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and NFC.

The mid-range Lumia 820 replaces both the Lumia 800 and 710, combining the industrial design of the former with the customizable faceplates of the latter, giving users a wide range of color choices. The Lumia 820 includes a dual-core processor, 8GB of storage, and micro SD expansion.

I have more information about these devices and some new peripherals on the SuperSite for Windows. Please read "Windows Phone 8: Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Preview" for more information.

In the wake of Nokia’s announcement, stock in the company plunged, according to a report in CNN Money. A Wells Fargo analyst called the announcement “disappointing,” complaining that it lacked “positive surprises, carrier announcements, or specific launch dates.” Twitter lit up with complaints about these exact issues, with many noting that rival smartphone announcements includes all of this information.

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