No Surprise: Sony Delays Portable Game System

Sony's much-hyped PSP portable video game system won't be available outside of Japan before early next year, according to Sony. The PSP is expected to provide serious competition for Nintendo's dominating Game Boy Advance. Sony announced the system, which has been dubbed "the Walkman of the 21st century," early last year.

The PSP will support 3D graphics on a 4.5" wide-screen display. Gamers in Japan will get their hands on the PSP by this holiday season, but others in North America and Europe will have to wait until early next year. The extra time will most certainly give Nintendo a little bit more breathing room. Earlier this year, Nintendo announced a new portable gaming system code-named Nintendo DS, though the system isn't targeted as a follow-up to the Game Boy Advance. The company has yet to announce its plans for the next-generation Game Boy. We expect the portable video game market to be very exciting next year.

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