Next-Gen DVD Format Peace Treaty Discussed

To the delight of content providers and consumers everywhere, Sony and Toshiba are in discussions to create a common standard for next-generation DVDs, possibly helping to avert yet another format war. Sony's Blu-ray technology is facing off against HD-DVD—backed by the DVD Forum, of which Toshiba is a key member—to succeed the current DVD format and provide additional storage capacity. Both companies seem to understand the importance of a single format and are now actively engaged in discussions to combine the best features of both formats to create a common format. The companies have reportedly begun briefing content providers on their plans for a unified standard. Although it's unclear how close the companies are to an agreement, they are certainly running out of time. The projected widespread release date of their technologies is rapidly approaching. We hope Sony and Toshiba agree to work together and avoid a lengthy and expensive format war, but we aren't holding our breath.

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