NewSoft's Two-Step Videotape-to-DVD Transfer Solution

NewSoft announced Presto! Digital Converter, a solution for converting analog video and audio to DVD, with real-time capture and real-time burn capabilities. In two easy steps, you can transfer audio and video from any playback device with AV-out or S-Video-out to standard DVD without accessing your computer’s hard disk.

After you use the included cable to establish a connection to a video source (e.g., VCR, camcorder), you simply connect the cable’s USB 2.0 connector into any standard DVD burner-enabled notebook or computer. The included software permits one-button recording with the option to choose either Convert Mode, which converts the entire contents of a videotape to DVD, or Record Mode, which lets you record multiple video segments from videotape to DVD. To find desired clips, you can scan for certain recorded moments by using the software’s preview window.

Presto! Digital Converter supports most popular videotape formats, including VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, and Betamax, giving you even greater flexibility. Presto! Digital Converter supports DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, and DVD+R Double Layer Recording, which is compatible with most standard home DVD players.

The product costs $59.95. For more information, visit NewSoft's Web site.

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