New Serial ATA Milestones

   As the Serial ATA Working Group has continued to work on improving the Serial ATA (SATA) protocol, it has announced related milestones. At the Intel Developer Forum in Barcelona, Spain, last week, the group announced that it has doubled the signaling speed for SATA and has developed a new cable and connector solution.
   The specification for the second-generation SATA signaling speed is complete. The completion of the specification will start a ratification process that's expected to last 30 days. Second-generation SATA speeds will reach 3Gbps (3000MBps), which is double the speed of first-generation SATA. According to the working group, new products that support the 3Gbps signaling speeds have already been announced, and vendors will be able to market those products as 3Gbps Serial ATA products after the ratification process is complete.
   Although the second-generation SATA specification won't require new cables and connectors, the working group announced a new alternative to the current cables and connectors. The working group has completed a "Volume 2" of the cables and connectors specification and has begun the ratification process. The specification adds new options, including easier connections between internal host ports and internal devices or short backplanes; a cable and connector solution for external devices, and an external multilane data-center cable and connector solution for connecting SATA channels between devices in a data center. Products based on the new cable and connector specification are expected to appear by the end of the year.

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