New & Improved: Symplified Suite, NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk, FULL-DISKfighter, and More

Symplified Introduces Cloud Identity and Access Management Platform

Symplified has announced Symplified Suite, a cloud identity and access management platform. Capabilities include cloud web access management, federated single sign-on, and user management/provisioning with identity management. (The product has three components that correspond with these capabilities: Symplified Access Manager, Symplified Identity Manager, and Symplified Sign-On.)

“The cloud, in public, private, or hybrid incarnations, is reshaping the way organizations use information technology and manage access to systems, applications, and data,” said Eric Olden, founder and CEO of Symplified. “Symplified, unlike legacy identity management solutions, was designed from day one for the cloud and to operate in the cloud. This architecture has allowed us to build a feature complete suite that seamlessly supports hundreds of SaaS applications, Amazon EC2 and now private clouds—years ahead of anyone else. With our latest release, Symplified offers the only unified access management platform for the cloud. Now enterprises don’t have to compromise capabilities when moving to the cloud.”

Identity management was ranked as a top priority in a survey of CIOs. Symplified Suite offers a unique, cloud-based answer to identity management. Other features of the product include: accepts identities based on the Open ID standard; an app store of pre-integrated cloud applications; and the ability to add single sign-on to an application in minutes.

To learn more, visit

Norton Introduces NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk

Sick of being everyone's personal IT pro? Norton by Symantec has announced the NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk service, which provides support for consumer devices, including PCs, printers, mobile devices, and more. The service is available 24x7. It costs $19.99/month for an individual or $29.99/month for a family. Is it a waste of money, or a small price to pay to get your weekends back? To learn more, visit

Clone Your PC to a New Drive

NTI Corporation has announced Echo, a program that lets you clone a PC's old drive to a new drive. NTI has created Echo for bundling with solid-state drives (SSD), hard disk drives (HDD), and hybrid drives. Echo will clone an entire drive, including all of its partitions, with all of the user's data, applications, and the OS to another drive. The new drive can be of different types and sizes as long as the data can fit within its capacity. Echo will shrink and grow partitions as needed to optimize the use of available space. To learn more, visit

Sans Digital Enhances Network Attached Storage Devices

Sans Digital has released a new series of 64-bit NAS products. Included are two tower-based, 4-bay models and eight rackmounted models, ranging from 4 bays to 50 bays. In addition to the switch to 64 bit, enhancements include a new GUI with a pull-down menu to simplify configuration. The new NAS/iSCSI systems support ESX Server, Hyper-V, and XenServer virtual machines servers; Windows Server 2008 clustering; and SPC-3 persistent targeting. Optional features include 10GBit networking support and server failover/mirroring. Note that all devices run on Linux. To learn more, visit

ProQueSys Releases Network and Security Monitoring Software

ProQueSys has released ProQueSys FlowTraq, a network monitoring, security, and forensics flow analyzer. FlowTraq is designed to complement and improve existing network operations. It helps IT administrators find data leaks in the network, investigate compromises, and monitor network usage such as bandwidth consumption, applications in use, and changes in behavior or network activity that may indicate a problem. The product complements full-packet capture solutions. The product also offers blacklist address alerting and policy development. To learn more, visit

SPAMfighter Introduces FULL-DISKfighter

SPAMfighter today announced FULL-DISKfighter, a file and disk cleaning solution. The new software aims to help PC users quickly and easily delete unwanted junk files weighing down computer performance, improving performance and stability. The product has the following features: find unnecessary files; clean Windows Update history, temporary Internet files, service packs, log files, error reports, etc.; reorganize and defrag hard disks more efficiently; and locate large and duplicate files. To learn more, visit

F5 Accelerates VMware View Deployments

F5 Networks is making the F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) module licensable on the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager Virtual Edition (LTM VE) product. The resulting product, shortened to APM for LTM VE, offers organizations an authentication, authorization, and accounting module for virtual application delivery controllers. Features include the ability to deploy VMware View quickly, control infrastructure costs, scale VMware View deployments, and simplify management through one central console. To learn more, visit


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