New & Improved, November 2006

Server and Network Resource Control for SMBs
ATEN Technology announced the CN5000 KVM solution, which provides SMBs enterprise-level remote KVM access to control server and network resources connected across a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. The CN5000 supports as many as 64 users and delivers concurrent server access to as many as 16 users. To boost productivity, the CN5000 can be connected to existing ATEN KVM units and various third-party KVM switches. Contact ATEN Technology for pricing information., 949-428-1111, 888-999-2836

Protect Against Unwanted or Malicious Changes
NetSupport announced that its endpoint security solution, NetSupport Protect, prevents end users from making unwanted or malicious changes to their desktop. NetSupport Protect can hide files and folders, lock Control Panel and settings, block file or folder deletion and renaming, prevent file creation by file type, restrict Internet downloads, and control access to USB devices and CD-R or DVD drives. NetSupport Protect also includes a client deployment utility for centralized deployment of settings across your network. A free 14-day trial version of NetSupport Protect is available for download from the NetSupport Web site. Contact NetSupport for pricing., 770-205-4456, 888-665-0808

TNT Gives Everything an Identity, 678-397-0500, 877-222-8736

"Everything has an identity," says Rob Ciampa, vice president of marketing at Trusted Network Technologies (TNT). That's the concept behind TNT's Identity appliance and software solution, which uniquely identifies both users and endpoints while dynamically and transparently adding identity credentials to network packets after authentication. Identity's approach allows for identity-based access-control and audit capabilities across the entire IT environment. The process establishes pervasive identity for every user, workstation, and server in the enterprise.

The Identity solution consists of three components: I-Gateway, the appliance that sits between users and critical assets, enforcing policies at wire speed according to the unique user identities in network packets; Identity Driver, which embeds the authenticated user ID and a system ID into the initiating packet and establishes machine identity transparently; and IManager, which provides centralized system management and clear, customizable reports. Identity offers an innovative way to see, control, and prove who's doing what with any server or application, at any time.

Monitor Thousands of Servers and Applications
AdventNet announced ManageEngine Applications Manager 7.0, an application and server management solution. ManageEngine Applications Manager supports a distributed architecture that lets you monitor thousands of servers and applications from a central server. The software includes performance management, fault management, and notification capabilities. ManageEngine provides in-depth monitoring of your application servers, databases, mail servers, and Web sites. For pricing information, contact AdventNet., 925-924-9500, 888-720-9500

Monitor Virtual Machine Performance
Veeam Software announced Veeam Monitor, an application that monitors VMware virtual machine performance and resource usage, both on VMware Server and VMware Workstation. Veeam Monitor also provides performance information about CPU, memory, disk, and network usage. Performance counters and graphs are provided per monitored virtual machine to help you plan, balance resources, identify performance bottlenecks, and troubleshoot your virtual machine infrastructure. Veeam Monitor has three license types, including free 30-day trial versions of the software. Contact Veeam Software for more information.

Stay Compliant with a DVD Archiving Solution
Young Minds (YMi) announced that BridgeHead Software's suite of compliance-enabling storage management and data protection solutions has been integrated with YMi's DVD-based Recording and Library product portfolio. YMi's line of data storage and archiving hardware solutions is based on CD/DVD recording; BridgeHead's multiplatform software solutions are designed for archiving, enterprise backup, media management, and disaster recovery. The combined solution provides a compliant archive with storage management and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) functions. For availability and pricing information, contact YMi., 909-426-4860, 800-964-4964

Take Control of Your Change Process
SunView Software announced that the latest version of its flagship IT change-management software, ChangeGear 2.0, incorporates updates to make initiating, changing, reviewing, managing, and reporting IT projects simple and automatic. Enhanced Web application features enable control of the change process from any location, and improved workflow automation makes defining and automating business processes easier. ChangeGear also lets you view predefined reports in Crystal Reports. Other features include improved notification and automatic user and role assignment. Contact SunView Software for pricing information., 813-632-3600, 800-390-4169

Backup Software for Heterogeneous Environments
Vembu Technologies announced StoreGrid 2.1, backup software for heterogeneous environments, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and FreeBSD. StoreGrid includes automatic backup for Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Active Directory (AD). The software lets you back up to a remote online server, onsite server, USB disk, or NAS box. Additional features include data encryption, continuous data protection (CDP), compression, and scheduling options. Contact Vembu Technologies for pricing information., 432-614-0198

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