New & Improved: LockIT, AppMapper Xpert, 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor, ChangeSender, and More

Siemon Adds LC Fiber Optic Adapter to LockIT

Siemon has announced the launch of its LockIT LC optical fiber adapter lock. This adapter lock protects against unauthorized access to unused LC ports. The adapter locks require no special connectivity and can be utilized to secure nearly any LC optical fiber–based network infrastructure. According to the vendor, the LockIT system is designed to provide physical layer security without adding complexity or impacting overall functionality and density.

The LockIT adapter lock snaps securely into any industry-standard LC port, blocking cord access and preventing tampering. Removable only with a specially designed key, the lock fits flush within the port, providing full access to adjacent ports regardless of density, and it is brightly colored to allow network personnel to quickly identify locked ports. These new secure components are system and cabling performance independent, allowing it to secure any active equipment LC port, or passive LC patching, plug-and-play, or work area port.

“The obvious benefit is a very cost effective and easily implemented deterrent against malicious access to the network through unsecured connectivity,” explained Tony Veatch, Siemon director of product management. “But LockIT is also an excellent way to protect against accidental connectivity errors, acting like a ‘lock-out/tag-out’ system for the network infrastructure. We see great interest in such a solution in public areas including conference rooms, airports, and classrooms. This simple, effective product is suitable for industries such as transportation, finance, retail, hospitality, and education, as well as in mission-critical data center applications.”

To learn more about Siemon’s LockIT system, visit

OPNET Introduces AppMapper Xpert

OPNET Technologies has announced AppMapper Xpert, a solution that automatically produces a run-time application map, identifying the underlying application and infrastructure components that enable a production application. AppMapper Xpert will be available through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, simplifying and accelerating its adoption by IT organizations for all aspects of application management, including performance troubleshooting, planning, virtualization, data center consolidation, and cloud deployment. AppMapper Xpert is part of OPNET's suite of application performance management products. To learn more, visit

Track Local and Internet Traffic Usage

10-Strike Software has announced 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor 2.0, a traffic usage and network bandwidth monitoring tool. The program collects the inbound and outbound network traffic usage statistics on network computers, switches, and other network devices to help an administrator find out which computer utilizes the most of the network bandwidth due to employee abuse, viruses, or another cause. To collect the data, the product supports SNMP, WMI, and via remote agents for Windows machines. The primary change in the latest release is the addition of a packet sniffer. To learn more, visit

Customize Your Email Sender Address under Outlook and Exchange Server

Servolutions has released ChangeSender, a program that works with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server to let you choose the address that your emails are sent from on an email-by-email basis. ChangeSender makes it simple to send emails from any valid address. For each email that you send, simply use the Send As selection box, and choose the sender address that you prefer. ChangeSender is even more convenient to use when you're replying to an email. The software can automatically select the recipient address from the incoming email, and use it as your sender address. The program also lets you share email addresses across your company. To learn more, visit

Tackle Unstructured Data with Data Insight for Storage

Symantec has announced Symantec Data Insight for Storage to help organizations better understand and manage the sharp growth of unstructured data, including files such as documents, spreadsheets, and emails. Data Insight for Storage provides new visibility and control into the ownership and usage of unstructured data to help organizations reduce storage costs and align their information assets to business goals. Capabilities include effective consumption/chargeback to see who is responsible for data; inactive/orphan data organization through owner identification; and better data utilization via reclamation, migration, tiering, and capacity planning. To learn more, visit

ATC Releases Updated P2P Marshal, Now With eMule Support

ATC-NY has just released P2P Marshal 3.1. P2P Marshal is a computer forensics tool that automatically detects, extracts, and analyzes P2P evidence on hard drives. According to the vendor, a typical data acquisition and analysis that takes hours by hand can run in a few minutes with P2P Marshal. P2P Marshal automatically detects and analyzes peer-to-peer file sharing usage including the most commonly used P2P client programs. The program then presents per-user information on those users in a report. To learn more, visit

Workflow Essentials for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Solutions has released Workflow Essentials for SharePoint 2010, which enhances and extends SharePoint Workflow options for SharePoint 2010 Server and SharePoint Foundation 2010.

This new SharePoint add-on adds 24 new workflow activities and 2 new workflow conditions to those which are available out-of-the-box in SharePoint Designer 2010’s workflow designer menu. New workflow activities include "loop through list items," "start another workflow," "create a SharePoint site," and others. To learn more, visit

LogLogic 5 Adds VMware vCloud Director Support

VAD Wick Hill announces LogLogic 5, with support for the newly launched VMware vCloud Director. LogLogic 5 will provide insight by centralizing and structuring virtual machine operational information, such as log data. The solution shows how the VMware vCloud Director systems are configured, how they react under load, and how they are being used by the customers. The solution will alert data center personnel in real time to operational issues. The alerts will be backed up with forensic discovery tools and all the evidentiary reporting needed. To learn more about the product, visit



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