New & Improved, April 2006

Filter, Aggregate, and Multiplex Critical Data
Gigamon Systems released GigaVUE-MP, a data-access switch for network performance and transaction monitoring that provides a three-in-one data-access solution. GigaVUE-MP reduces the number of tools you have to deploy by aggregating multiple links to single tools and can resolve contention problems for your span ports by multiplexing traffic from your data sources. GigaVUE-MP also ensures that each tool gets only the data it needs by directing critical data to analysis tools, such as sniffers, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), and VoIP analyzers. For pricing information, contact Gigamon Systems., 408-512-2648

Remotely Turn On and Access Your Office PC
01 Communique announced I'm InTouch Corporate Server Edition (CSE) 2.0, a remote-access solution for Windows users. I'm InTouch CSE features remote wake-up functionality, which lets any remote user with a Web browser turn on a powered-down office PC to begin a remote session. This release also features remote printing, which lets you print any document from your local computer to your remote printer. In addition, Pocket PC users who have a Web browser can log on to their local computer, eliminating data-synchronization problems between PCs and Pocket PC devices. A free 30-day trial is available. For pricing information, contact 01 Communique., 905-795-2888, 800-668-2185

Achieve Complete Visibility of Your Network Infrastructure, 404-869-0694
Insightix released DID Collector, an IT Infrastructure-management tool that provides complete, precise, and real-time network information. Joseph Dell, vice president North America for Insightix, says, The greatest challenge we face is knowing what we have on our network. We need a method for identifying network elements that we know and don t know about. DID Collector addresses this challenge by providing a complete inventory of your network assets and their associated properties. Dell says that the product detects all network elements, even those beyond firewalls, providing 100 percent visibility and also uses a combination of active and passive methods for detection to assess the data being collected, then validate this data. In addition, DID Collector detects changes to your network in real time, letting you always know when a new device attempts to connect to the network. You can also set up alerts, via email or SNMP, to provide additional notification.

DID Collector features an interactive topology map, which shows you your network s physical structure by displaying its elements and the switch and port they re connected to. The topology map is maneuverable, and you can control it with such features as expand, collapse, tool-tip, and device summary. DID Collector also contains a performance screen that lets you identify network elements bandwidth and network--services consumption. Reporting capabilities for inventory, auditing, and security are also built into DID Collector, and the product provides predefined templates that automatically generate and export the reports to HTML or PDF documents. For pricing information, contact Insightix.

Obtain High Performance in Your SATA Hard Drive
Western Digital announced upgrades to its WD Raptor Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive, providing a 150GB capacity and a 16MB cache to more quickly serve and record data. WD Raptor now features Rotary Accelerometer Feed Forward technology, which provides high performance when the drive is used in vibration-prone, multidrive systems, and native command queuing, which orders multiple simultaneous read and write commands to increase your drive s random I/O performance. WD Raptor costs $299., 949-672-7000

Fulfill Remote-Administration Needs
PJ Technologies released Goverlan 6, a remote-administration suite for Windows that consists of five products to perform enterprise-administration tasks. Major updates to this release include integration with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) that eliminates the need for scripts and a new UI that reflects the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2003. New administration features are also available, including Windows Installer (.msi) package management, registry and file-system management, group chat and IM, and an advanced task manager. Pricing for Goverlan 6 starts at $619 per console with no additional per-node fee., 786-268-3517, 888-330-4188

Quickly Find and Replace Text Throughout Your OS
SilverAge Software released HandyFile Find and Replace Text Workbench, a tool for replacing text in multiple files at the same time. Text Workbench provides a UI to assist you in content editing and offers full Unicode and UTF-8 support, folder selection, image browsing, file renaming, and regular-expressions support. The product also provides search filters so that you can specify the parameters of your search. You can configure Text Workbench to replace the text automatically or have it prompt you whenever a change occurs. Pricing for Text Workbench starts at $39.45.

Personalize Your Desktop
Stardock announced WindowBlinds 5, personalization software for your Windows XP desktop. Window-Blinds works as a native XP extension that lets you apply visual styles to different parts of your Windows desktop, including title bars, buttons, borders, and many other parts. A new feature for this release is per-pixel alpha blending, which produces smooth or glassy title bars and borders. In addition to per-pixel alpha blending, WindowBlinds 5 lets you change toolbar icons, progress animations, and the hue and saturation of the Windows UI. WindowBlinds 5 costs $19.95, and a shareware version is available., 734-927-0677

Decrease Installation Time
Almeza Research announced MultiSet, an automatic program installer. The product starts the install procedure and automatically clicks tedious buttons such as Next, I Agree, and Finish. MultiSet also specifies a destination path for your installation and automatically enters any registration codes or license keys. MultiSet lets you create your own installation disks and requires no script writing. MultiSet costs $99, and a free trial version is available.

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