New & Improved - 28 Feb 2007

Monitor Content Flow and Automate Compliance
Code Green Networks announced the Content Inspection Appliance 1500 (CI-1500) for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs), which automatically identifies, monitors, and protects structured and unstructured content in all languages and formats. The CI-1500 can discover data leaks in your organization and implement automated policies to prevent them. For example, if the CI-1500 detects unauthorized transmission of sensitive information, it invokes management-defined policy to log, alert, block, or reroute the transmission. The appliance enforces security policies in most TCP protocols, including SMTP, FTP, HTTP, and Web mail., 408-213-2300

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Free, Enterprise-Ready Virtualization Alternatives
Server virtualization is a hot technology. Giving one physical server the ability to handle multiple workloads is an exciting capability, and one that has the potential to dramatically reduce the costs of computing. But what about the price tags that today's top providers of virtualization technologies carry? How can you dive into this growing market if your financial resources are limited?

Enter Virtual Iron 3.1, from Virtual Iron Software. I spoke with Mike Grandinetti, the company's chief marketing officer, who was excited about Virtual Iron's pricing structure.

Virtual Iron Enterprise Edition 3.1, the company's enterprise-class virtualization platform, supports unmodified Windows and Linux systems and is priced at $499 per socket on a perpetual license basis. Virtual Iron also makes available free production-ready versions of Virtual Iron Enterprise Edition 3.1 on its Web site. The first version offers single-server virtualization and management and supports as many as four sockets and unlimited cores. It lets you consolidate Windows and Linux virtual servers, run 32- or 64-bit workloads from as many as eight CPUs, create and deploy virtual appliances, and template and clone virtual servers. The multiserver virtual infrastructure management version has the same features as the single-server version and also includes advanced virtualization management and policy-based automation capabilities., 978-849-1200

Examine the Health of Group Policy
SDM Software released its first GPExpert product, GPHealth Reporter 1.0, an application that helps you analyze how Group Policy is functioning on your systems. GPHealth Reporter collects information from a variety of sources on a target system and presents it to you in a concise format, using red or green health status indicators. Potential problems that GPHealth Reporter finds are highlighted, and you can quickly access targeted guidance for solving them. Examples of the information GPHealth Reporter provides include Group Policy processing time, slow link and loopback status, and other computer and user details. The software can send information to a printer, an Excel spreadsheet, or PDF file. You can download a 10-day trial of GPHealth Reporter from the SDM Software Web site., 415-670-9302

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XenSource Announces Family of Virtualization Products
XenSource announced the XenSource XenServer product family, which includes XenEnterprise, XenServer, and XenExpress. All XenServer products are based on the open-source Xen hypervisor, a software abstraction layer that lets a physical server run one or more virtual servers. XenEnterprise is an enterprise-grade Xen virtualization solution that supports Windows and Linux OSs and lets you install and manage guests on the same server with no imposed limit to concurrent virtual machines, network storage support, memory, or resource controls for the CPU. XenServer is a virtualization platform designed for Windows standard server environments, and XenExpress is a free, production-ready solution that lets you get started using Xen virtualization. XenExpress is available as a download on XenSource's Web site., 650-798-5900

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