New Brian Moran Webinar: Identifying Perfomance Problems

"Tuning an expensive server platform without addressing front-end tuning issues is like racing a Ferrari with flat tires--don't let it happen to you," warns SQL Server consultant and author Brian Moran. In his upcoming Webinar, "Solving Performance Problems Using A Repeatable, Structured Methodology," scheduled for June 18, Moran explains a unique approach to identifying the source of application bottlenecks so that you can solve the problems.


"It's easy to focus on the back end when tuning a SQL Server application, but most serious tuning problems can't be easily separated from the application and middleware layers," Moran notes. "The first step in solving any problem is identifying and understanding the problem."


The Webinar, designed for SQL Server developers and DBAs who need to optimize existing SQL Server applications, covers how to use SQL Server Profiler to help find problem areas. The Webinar, sponsored by SQL Server Magazine, starts at 1:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), costs $29.95, and includes a 1-year subscription to SQL Server Magazine. To register, go to

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