NetNation Opens Shop in US, Offers New Domain Security Features

Canadian-based NetNation recently opened shop in the US and launched a new set of domain security features that help protect against unauthorized changes.

The company acquired a 60,000-square-foot data center located in Austin, Texas, which NetNation said is monitored 24x7 by "building security." The data center uses multiple redundant OC-12 circuits that operate at 522Mbps, and the links are scalable to 2.5Gbps. The company's new Vancouver, Canada, data center includes man traps and biometric security entrance controls.

NetNation's new DomainGuard security package offers protection against "accidental or malicious changes" to DNS settings, domain aliases, domain name server pointers, Whois contact information, URL forwarding, server subdirectories, and more. The package costs $4.95 per domain per year.

The company also offers private domain registrations via its WhoisProtector Lite service, which for $4.95 per year replaces the registrant's name, physical address, and phone number with NetNation's contact information in the Whois database. WhoisProtector Ultra adds spam protection by replacing all registrant information including the email address, with NetNation's contact information.

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