My WINS clients have stopped registering/querying the WINS server.

A. Tell-tail signs of clients that have stopped using WINS are as follows:

  • Unable to ping a remote computer (across a router) by its computer name (NetBIOS name).
  • Cannot log on to a domain when the only domain controllers are on other side of routers.
  • Unable to perform Net View or Net Use computers that are on the other side of routers.
  • Cannot retrieve the browse list of a remote domain that the client sees in its local browse list.

A known problem exists when a secondary WINS is not defined as the algorithm is as follows

  1. When booting up, register your name with your primary WINS server. Or when performing a normal name query, first send the request to your primary WINS server.
  2. If the primary WINS server does not respond after 3 attempts, send your registration or query to the secondary WINS server listed.
  3. If the secondary WINS server does not respond after 3 attempts, send the query again to the primary WINS server, and continue alternating between primary and secondary WINS server until one of them responds.

The problem results if there is no secondary WINS server listed. The client may revert to B-Node (broadcast only) behavior and stops querying the WINS server completely.

To fix this make sure you have a secondary WINS server defined. If you only have one WINS server, list it in both the primary and secondary boxes.

Clients can be updated by starting the Network control panel applet, select the Protocols tab, select TCP/IP, select the WINS tab and fill in the boxes. If the clients use DHCP ensure the scope if configured with both primary and secondary.

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