My evaluation period has expired on my NT installation, why?

A. You may have not used an evaluation CD but if you used setup disks that were created with an evaluation CD then the NT installation will expire after 120 days.

You will get one hours notice with the following

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and then one hour later a blue screen of death:

Your NT System is an evaluation unit with an expiration date. The trial period is over.

KeBugCheckEx parameters:

  1. The low order 32 bits of your installation date
  2. The high order 32 bits of your installation date
  3. The trial period in minutes

You would then have to restart the computer and would be able to run it for another hour before it crashed again.

To fix this will you need to "upgrade" your installation using a full retail copy of NT, not the upgrade version as it will not "upgrade" NT 4.0 to 4.0. Before performing this upgrade you must ensure you have uninstalled Service Pack 2 or above. If Service Pack 3 or above was installed you must make sure that the following files are not replaced:

  • samsrv.dll
  • samlib.dll
  • winlogon.exe

To ensure the three files above are not replaced copy them from the service pack to your NT installation directory (I386) to the hard disk and expand the files above to the directory.

Microsoft do not supply a utility to tell you if your installation will expire or not, however I have written a utility and for more info see Q. How can I tell if my NT installation is a 120 day evaluation or full?

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