My company added a new site with several new servers to its Exchange Server organization. Why did it take two days for the servers to show up in Microsoft Exchange Administrator?

A. When you add a new server to a site, the server has to join the intrasite replication process. Two replication attributes, Reps-To and Reps-From, advertise the presence of servers in a site. For a server in your site to see the new servers, the new servers must be in the Reps-To and Reps-From attributes of that server. If you add only one server, all the servers in the site get the same update, so the new server appears quickly to all the servers. However, if you add multiple servers to the site within a short period, not all the servers learn about the new servers simultaneously. The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) compares each server's Reps-To and Reps-From attributes, then adds or removes servers until each server's attributes are identical. However, the KCC doesn't run continuously. The KCC has to complete at least one replication cycle before all the servers in the site see the new servers.

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