Music and Playlists Music App Integration Coming to OneDrive Shortly

Music and Playlists Music App Integration Coming to OneDrive Shortly

Today, during Microsoft's Windows 10 event, Joe Belfiore produced a surprise announcement that many of us have been waiting for since learning that a new "Music" folder showed up in OneDrive in late 2014. I wrote about this in November and the OneDrive team gave me hope then that this feature would show up sometime without giving too much additional detail.

Along with one of the upcoming Windows 10 Builds, Microsoft will finally flip the switch to allow the Windows Music app to work with music and playlists stored in OneDrive. With many already taking advantage of unlimited storage in OneDrive, this will be a hugely welcome and valuable feature. And, while the new feature was used as part of the Windows 10 excitement, this ability should also be available for the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Music app.

Currently, I use Amazon to store and stream my music, but have been anxiously awaiting this feature. Amazon is great, but its app support for the Windows ecosystem is horrible – almost nonexistent. Of course, you can't blame Amazon. The company has too many Android irons in the fire.

I guess I'll start uploading all my music today.

Who else finds this a huge announcement?

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