MSN Search Toolbar Brings Microsoft Phishing Filter To IE 6

It's no secret that Microsoft is chasing after Google in the search engine and Web-based advertising market space. In what appears to be yet another way to place the company's MSN search engine within clear eyeshot of more potential users, Microsoft has added its anti-phishing technology to its MSN Search Toolbar.

Originally designed for the upcoming Internet Explorer 7.0, which is currently in beta development, Microsoft Phishing Filter Add-in For MSN works with IE 6 provided that customersĀ first install MSN Search Toolbar on a Windows XP SP2 system. The filter helps protect against phishing attacks by comparing URLĀ information to a backend database of known phishing sites hosted by Microsoft. Data in the database is provided by Microsoft and third parties, such as Symantec's WholeSecurity.

MSN Search Toolbar also introduces a number other features to the browser, including tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, easy access to the MSN search engine, the ability to automatically fill in Web-based forms, and the ability to search for files on the local PC. The Toolbar also adds its functionality to Outlook and Windows Explorer.

The 1.3MB free download for the filter is located at the MSN Search Toolbar add-ins page.

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