MP3 Players on the Move

Wow! Portable music players are the white-hot gadgets to own. Apple Computer is trailblazing at the moment, as plenty of iPods are being sold at a ridiculous prices ($400 for walkman? Come on!), and the recently launched iPod Mini is creating lots of buzz from the Mac-happy crowd. Other companies are in on the act too: We have iRiver, Samsung, Rio, Creative, and a whole bunch of other less-well-known brands. Heck, even Polaroid is getting in on the act with its Pocket Jam3.

My personal favorite of the bunch is the Element Aireo from soniqcast. Not only is it an MP3 player (apologies to all the AAC purists), FM Radio, and File Caddy, but it also boasts 802.11b wireless connectivity and a rather cool FM transmitter.

Simply put, this means I can wirelessly transfer files to my media player without the hassle of USB cables and also listen to the music through my radio in my car or in the home. Who said Apple is leading the revolution? Companies such as Soniqcast are pushing the boundaries for consumer products in the home and making it easier to appreciate the technological advances..

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