MP3 Maker 11 Simplifies Music Identification

The more music you collect on your computer, the more difficult it is to make sure each song is organized with title, genre, artist, and album names. MAGIX announced MAGIX MP3 Maker 11, with a new intuitive feature called MAGIX AudioID, which automatically identifies names and track information—not only for complete CDs but for individual files—in seconds. You’ll never again have wrong or incomplete title information in your digital music collection.

Other new features in MAGIX MP3 Maker 11 include MAGIX Headphone Surround, for a full sound experience on the move and at home, even when you have low-quality speakers. You can also listen to, download, and record podcasts and Internet radio, burn CDs, create professional special effects, edit music and sound, and easily synchronize with mobile devices. MAGIX MP3 Maker 11 costs $29.95. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

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