More Free Virtualization Tools

A recent article of mine entitled Virtualization on the Cheap discussed all the free (and trial) virtualization tools and utilities available on the market. Virtualization can be one approach to squeezing the most out of your available IT resources (and budget), especially in the current economic climate.

A few readers emailed me suggesting additional free tools and utilities, so I'll list their suggestions below. The first email is from Dan Lahrman, an IS Engineer that suggested Trilead's VM Explorer (VMX):

Mr. Jeff James,

I just read your article, Virtualization on the Cheap, in the April 2009 Windows IT Pro and wanted to let you know about a free tool I have been using. The tool is call VM Explorer, or VMX, and made by Trilead ( It is a pretty simple tool, easy to setup, and very reliable. With the free version, you can power a VM on or Off and backup/restore VMs as well as a couple other features. In my experience, the backup feature is easier to setup and more reliable than using the VCB method while the VM is running. Check it out.

Dan Lahrman, IS Engineer

Another reader passed along news of free tools from and

Hi Jeff

I liked your free Virtualization tools article but wanted to make you aware of an omission. PHD Virtual...offers free VM tools from in the UK. They are offered for free at

Thanks Much, David Finkelstein

Have any other free virtualization tools you've used and would like to tell us about? Drop me an email at jjames\[@\] with your suggestions, or reach me on Twitter at

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