Modifications for NetWare Networks

Let's assume you're using Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, or Windows NT Workstation as client machines on a Novell (3.x or 4.x) network and that all your network resources are located on the NetWare Servers. If you've installed the Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks, you are probably still running Microsoft's server components. Disable or remove them as specified in the body of the article. If you have installed Novell File and Print Sharing for NetWare Networks on Win95, remove it immediately. Microsoft designed this feature to let NetWare-only clients see your Win95 machine as a NetWare Server­a truly bad idea. Novell's Client32 software (strongly recommended) for Win95 prohibits you from installing File and Printer Sharing for NetWare Networks. I also strongly recommend Novell's Client32 for NT Workstation as a stronger client on a Novell 4.x network, but you must still disable Microsoft's Server service and Browser service on the NT Workstation.

On any platform, choose only one IPX frame type (802.2 strongly recommended) and bind only that one on all clients and servers. (NetWare 3.11 servers are the only ones that require 802.3). Binding only one frame type will significantly reduce Microsoft Browser traffic, which is protocol dependent.

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