Migrating Windows 98 and Win95 Clients

You can use Listing A to migrate Windows 98 and Win95 systems to a new domain. The script accomplishes the migration by modifying a few Registry keys. At callout A, Listing A removes password caching so that the system doesn't use the password for its old domain account when it tries to log on to the new domain or network resources. Next, the script adds the new domain name to the Registry and removes the old domain name from the Registry entries.

At callout B of Listing A, the script runs logoff.exe from within the Registry so that no startup executables can interfere with the migration process. We found that the logoff.exe utility sometimes fails to function because it fails to terminate the command shell from which it executes. If your users have user profiles in Win98 or Win95, you need to modify Listing A so that all users of each system migrate to the new domain.

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