The Mighty Minis

Ants, Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, and Mighty Mouse are examples. Okay, "JEOPARDY" fans, what's the question? If you said, "What's mini but mighty given its size?" you're right. Ants are proof that strength isn't dependent on size. An ant can easily carry several times its own weight. Like an ant's strength, an SD memory card's capability isn't dependent on size. Although SD memory cards are only the size of a postage stamp, they're pack rats in terms of storage capability. And speaking of rodents, even though Mighty Mouse (the super hero and not Apple's latest computer mouse) isn't real, he's symbolic of the fact that something small can save the day.

Scripts don't have to be long to pack a powerful punch. Short scripts can save the day by providing the results you need. Dick Lewis brings this point home in his article "Small Scripts Pack Power" in the March issue of Windows Scripting Solutions. As described in the "Script Watch" section, Dick provides 11 scripts that are short but effective. The "Scripter's Toolkit" section also highlights some short but sweet scripts.

Have you written any scripts that are short in length but long on results? Do you have a script that has saved you lots of time or perhaps saved the day when an emergency arose? If so, submit your short script to Scripting Central's "Mighty Mini" contest. The script can be written in any scripting language.

Similar to the "My Favorite Function" contest held recently, three "Mighty Mini" contest winners will be chosen (one a month for three months). Each winner will receive $100 and get his or her script published in Scripting Central and in Windows Scripting Solutions. In addition, the three winners will be put into a drawing for another $100.

To enter the "Mighty Mini" contest, send a description of what your script does and how to use it, including how readers can customize it for use in their environment. In addition, please include the script file. You can email your entry and script to [email protected] Please include your full name and telephone number. Look for the first month's winner in the March 3 edition of Scripting Central.

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