Microsoft Works to Fix Security Concerns in Outlook for iOS and Android

Microsoft Works to Fix Security Concerns in Outlook for iOS and Android

When Microsoft released the first iteration of its Acompli acquisition refresh as Outlook for iOS and Android, there was immediate concern over the app's lack of security features that would be beneficial for business users. Tony Redmond on WindowsITPro covered public complaint pretty well, and then later made some suggestions of what Microsoft should do to quell the outcry.

Apparently, either Microsoft was listening, or the company knew the potential issues beforehand and was in the midst of preparation, as an update is now available that provides new security features for the app.

Here's what's available in the update:

  • PIN lock
    • Password enforcement through Exchange ActiveSync (iOS and Android)
    • Enforced lock screen ruled (Android)
  • Faster remote wipe (iOS and Android)
  • IMAP support (iOS and Android)
  • Conversation view (iOS)
  • Custom swipe gestures (Android)

In addition, to providing these initial feature updates, Microsoft has also given a sort of roadmap of what to expect in the near future:

  • Microsoft Intune support
  • Migrating Outlook's backend from AWS to Microsoft Azure
  • Synching local contacts
  • Supporting more languages

But, there's still quite a bit more to do. Tony comes through once again, outlining the pitfalls and shortcomings that have to be addressed before this version of Outlook truly becomes viable: First update for Outlook apps improves security but lots remains to be done


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