Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0

Microsoft's Visual InterDev 6.0 raises the standard for Internet and intranet applications to a new level. This product includes many new features—such as buttons and other innovations in the interface—but its Scripting Object Model sets it apart from other development tools.

The Scripting Object Model changes the way you build Web-type applications that you can access from a browser because it puts a true object model on the server. This feature makes developing applications an event-driven experience, similar to how you build applications with Visual Basic (VB). This event-driven nature lets you easily build powerful applications that require only a few lines of code to do what previously took many. This innovation cuts development time and makes the development process easier to manage.

The Scripting Object Model also has an object framework that provides easy access to the objects. Instead of you ending up with applications that are heavy on procedural code, the Scripting Object Model lets you develop against objects with little concern for their location. This feature also cuts the development time and adds to the types of applications you can develop.

Another timesaving feature of Visual InterDev 6.0 is Remote Scripting. This feature lets you create applications where client VB Script or Java Script code can execute Active Server Pages (ASP) code that is running on the server. Remote Scripting lets you easily create reusable code that you can access from anywhere in your application.

These features, plus the new debugger and the new interface, combine to make Visual InterDev 6.0 a killer product. It will simplify how you develop applications and reduce the amount of time you must spend to maintain them.

Visual lnterDev 6.0
Contact: Microsoft * 425-882-8080 Web: .com/products/prodref/ 663_ov.htm
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