Microsoft updates Office 365 admin app with focus on usability

Microsoft updates Office 365 admin app with focus on usability

Microsoft launched its Office 365 Admin app in late 2014, and it has seen a stream of steady improvements ever since. Microsoft unveiled a new version of the app today, with a focus on usability.

Tony Redmond reviewed the app a year ago and found it covered the basics well. Since then, Microsoft noted that it has shipped almost 40 feature updates, including push notifications, mobile device management and partner integration. 

"We have many customers—especially small businesses—who use the app as their main administration tool," wrote Anne Michels, Microsoft senior product marketing manager, in a note on the latest update

She added that the app was designed around common challenges, such as emergency password resets and departing employees, that IT admins commonly face and which otherwise might force them back to the desk.

Microsoft has focused on groupin together similar features, highlighting anomalies such as blocked users, and otherwise making it easy to get in, do what needs to be done, and get back to the rest of your life.

The new update is available now for Windows Phone and Android, and will come to iOS in one to two weeks.

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