Microsoft Updates Now Available As CD-ROM Images

Beginning January 2006 Microsoft will release its monthly security updates and high-priority non-security updates as ISO-9660 CD images. Microsoft said the updates are for administrators who manage large multinational organizations; who do not use an automated solution such as Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS); or those who must download multiple individual language versions of each security update. The images could contain updates in over 100 languages.

Keep in mind that the images will only contain updates that would normally be found on Windows Update. Craig Gehre of Microsoft Security Response Center said that "
this means that you won't find updates for things like Office or Exchange." As such the image for January security updates won't contain the patch for Outlook and Exchange. Microsoft also said that before people download an image they should check each update's individual Security Bulletin to make sure that no recent changes were made to the associated patches.

You can find the image for the company's January security updates at the Microsoft
Download Center .

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