Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore Promises HTC Fixes in Next Windows Phone Dev Preview

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore Promises HTC Fixes in Next Windows Phone Dev Preview

When Update 1 released for those in the Windows Phone Developer’s Preview, most everyone received the update. However, those unlucky enough to have purchased Windows Phones from HTC, notably the 8X and 8S, couldn’t be included in the release due to issues uncovered during the initial hours of release.

At the time, the issue rested squarely with HTC. On the company’s Chinese language web site, officials released a statement blaming its hardware (or drivers) as the culprit. The company further promised that it would develop fixes, but only for the 8X model.

In an even more recent statement, HTC officials stated on Twitter that Windows 8.1 Update will roll out officially to Verizon’s HTC 8X handsets in late October – which generally means 8X users on other carriers will probably receive it first (Verizon is notoriously slow).

With the official release stated for late October, and a recent Tweet from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore that a new Windows Phone update should be releasing this week, there’s a good chance that Developer Preview participants using the HTC 8X should get an early look shortly, along with storage fixes and a Cyan ramp-up.

I still have an 8X laying around, so I’ll keep it booted and charged to see what actually comes through. Let me know if you get it before I do and what you find.

P.S. Since folks tend to read things differently, based on my perception of HTC’s original statement, the 8S will NOT be supported going forward. Time to move on.

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