Microsoft’s Convenience Rollup Incompatible with Certain VMware Configurations

Recently, Microsoft made available what it calls a “convenience rollup” to allow Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 user to get up to date quickly. This update is causing issues for VMware customers.

According to a rushed VMware blog post…

This update has incompatibility issues with virtual machines running on the VMware vSphere virtualization platform. This incompatibility is confined to one specific configuration scenario – It impacts VMs that use the VMware VMXNet3 virtual network adapter type.

Full details here: RUSH POST: Microsoft Convenience Update and VMware VMXNet3 Incompatibilities

According to VMware, the company is working on a solution. However, in the interim, they are recommending not installing the update. Microsoft’s own KB article for the convenience rollup suggests uninstalling the update until a resolution is confirmed.

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