Microsoft releases a Remote Desktop Preview app for Mac

Microsoft releases a Remote Desktop Preview app for Mac

Mac users who need remote desktop access from their device already have the Remote Desktop app at their disposal however, Microsoft is now beginning a new preview program to update that app with several new features.

Microsoft announced the preview program this week and informed Mac users that they should continue running the released version of the Remote Desktop app so they have full functionality and support.

The Remote Desktop Beta app for Max is pre-release and does not have all of the features yet that are in the released app and support is limited. Microsoft is asking customers to test this version and help provide regular feedback on it and request any new features.

Some of the things that are new in the beta app:

  • A new user interface: The connection center is the starting point of the app and allows you to easily find and manage the desktops that you want to connect to.
  • Improved management of user accounts: With the Beta app, you can now manage user accounts easily with the ability to save a user account once, and use this saved user account across multiple desktop connections.
  • Ability to use both CMD X/C/V and CTRL X/C/V to cut/copy/paste with the remote session.

In order to test the preview it must be downloaded from HockeyApp (no user account or sign in required to download).

Of course Microsoft is asking for your input on the development of this app so they have multiple avenues available to you:

  • Rate the app – use this option to give the app a star rating and to send us your comments just like you would on any App Store.
  • Recommend new Features – use this option to propose new features on our User Voice site. Posting requests here lets other users also vote on the feature so we can understand the broader need for the feature.
  • Report an issue – use this option to report bugs or issues you are running into. The interface to report an issue allows you to submit your name and email ID. Keep in mind however that these fields are optional. You can submit feedback and issues through this option without entering your personal contact information.
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