Microsoft Posts New Developer Resources

Microsoft has posted new Web resources that provide useful information for SQL Server developers. "Building Secure ASP.NET Applications"

( ) provides a practical approach to designing and building secure ASP.NET applications for Windows 2000 and the .NET Framework 1.0. The authors developed the recommendations and sample code in the guide using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 1.0. They validated their design on servers running Windows 2000 Advanced Server Service Pack 3 (SP3), .NET Framework SP2, and SQL Server 2000 SP2.


The article "Performance Comparison: Security Design Choices"

( ) applies to SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition SP2. The author compares the relative performance of various security options available for client authentication, hashing algorithms, cryptography techniques, and digital signatures.


And for those of you who work with PivotTable reports, the article "Programming PivotTable Reports in Microsoft Access 2002"

( ) presents basic information about the elements of a PivotTable report and describes how to programmatically build and manipulate PivotTable reports in Microsoft Access 2002.

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