Microsoft opens a permanent HoloLens venue in New York City

Microsoft opens a permanent HoloLens venue in New York City

I am not sure if the timing for the HoloLens b-roll video release that I wrote about earlier today ​was intentional but it may have been done to coincide with today's announcement from Microsoft that revealed they have opened a permanent venue in their New York City flagship Microsoft Store to showcase  HoloLens for developers.

Alex Kipman, in a blog post over at the Microsoft Devices site, shared the news and explained that the recently completed HoloLens Roadshow events were so popular that space ran out for all of them within 90 minutes of the sign-up process opening.

The new venue in NYC, right on 5th Avenue, means more developers will get the same opportunity to check out the device in multiple scenarios.

The dedicated space at the new flagship store provides an opportunity for developers to experience HoloLens first hand and get started on creating HoloLens experiences. In New York, developers will get a taste of how HoloLens can enable new ways for people to communicate, create, work and play.

The success of HoloLens, an augmented reality device, is dependent upon engagement from developers and apparently the response to the company's call for the developer edition of HoloLens has been strong.

HoloLens Experience in New York City

Interested developers can go to to sign-up however, I just went there to see what availability looks like and every session for the first week is already booked.

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