Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and VMware

Windows IT Pro December 2007 Supplementary Information

Office and SharePoint
Usually, our Office and SharePoint Pro section is like a mini publication in the middle of our magazine. But this month, we devoted most of our print magazine to the unified communications section (“Unified Communications Duo: OCS 2007 and Exchange 2007,” “Exchange’s Evolving Strategy,” and “Building a Business Case for UC”). If you're looking for more Office and SharePoint information, not to worry--I just happen to know where you can find it.

Check out for tips, forums, and articles such as Siegfried Jagott's "SharePoint Integration with Outlook 2007"—parts 1 and 2 are at InstantDoc ID 95919 and 96154, respectively. In this series, Siegfried explains how Office 2007 makes it easy to access information from SharePoint sites when you're offline and what you need to know before you synchronize SharePoint document libraries.

VMware ESX Server
In the December 2007 Top 10, Michael Otey clarifies the differences between VMware Workstation 6.0 and VMware Server 1.0.4. But if you're more interested in ESX Server, which according to Michael is "targeted at the high-end enterprise space," see Alan Sugano's Web-exclusive articles "VMware Infrastructure Starter Package", and "Installing VMware Infrastructure." Alan explains how the VMware Infrastructure starter package will bring you up to speed with the ESX hypervisor without a significant up-front investment and how to get up and running with the platform.

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