Microsoft Improves Outlook 2007 Performance, Reliability

Microsoft this week released a hotfix package for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 designed to improve the end-user experience. This update addresses Outlook performance and calendar reliability. These fixes have been developed as part of Microsoft Office 2007 suite SP2, which itself has yet to be released.

The performance improvements with this update include quicker startup, shutdown, and folder and view switching, as well as better general responsiveness. The Calendar feature has been updated for better reliability when calendars are accessed from various devices and when multiple delegates make changes to a calendar. The Outlook team has improved the synchronization engine for resolving conflicts, and addressed the problems of disappearing and reappearing meetings.

The fixes available for download now on Microsoft's site are part of Office 2007 SP2, which is expected to be released within the next couple of months. According to Microsoft, "Outlook 2007 SP2 is a user-focused update that contains significant improvements in performance and in calendar reliability."

You might, of course, be tempted to hold off for that SP2 release, but there's at least a couple of reasons to consider installing this update now. First, these improvements will be release as part of SP2 for Office 2007, but there's no separate Outlook update. And second, the improved performance will make your end users happy, and there's nothing wrong with that.

You'll find complete details about this update on Microsoft's website

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