Microsoft Health Updated with Golf and More

Microsoft Health Updated with Golf and More

Today Microsoft is rolling out updates to both the Microsoft Health app and the Microsoft Health Dashboard on the web, yet has seemed to put the cart before the horse. The Health app is available now, which includes a number of new features including…

  1. The Golf tracking partnership with TaylorMade announced last month

  2. New golf workouts

  3. A new gesture setting to allow you to send feedback to Microsoft just by shaking your smartphone

Unfortunately, Microsoft made the Health app update available while updating the Health web dashboard where new insights (including golf) will become available when the update is completed. Additionally, the myRoundPro web service (TaylorMade's Microsoft Band golf integration service) is still in a "Coming Soon…" mode.

If these things somehow come together tonight, I'll be testing out the new golf capabilities tomorrow. I haven't golfed in 10 years or more, but hey – the things I do for you…

UPDATE: The Health dashboard is back in service, but you may have to log out and back in to get it to work.

UPDATE 2: There's another Microsoft Band firmware update that is also rolling out. Without the firmware, the golf tile will not sync to the Band and give an error message. Some have received the firmware already, but others are still waiting. If you want to force Microsoft Health to check for the available new firmware, one trick that works is uninstalling the Microsoft Health app and then reinstalling it from the smartphone platform store.

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