The Microsoft Health Tile Gallery for Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Health Tile Gallery for Microsoft Band

With Band v2 ready to start shipping on October 30th, it will be interesting to see how this second iteration can improve its wearable industry standing.

The first version already provided more features and functions that the majority of fitness wearables on the market through its unique sensors and services. Additionally, when Microsoft added the ability for developers to easily create “apps” for the device, the Band experienced a steady influx of new apps for – at least initially. Due to reported limitations in the Band’s SDK, new app development slowed. It’s been a while, but we just recently updated the Microsoft Band Apps by Platform with a new app called “Drink O’Band” that reminds you to drink water and stay hydrated during the day.

I’m sure there will be renewed focus on new apps (Tiles) for Band v2 and it will be interesting to see what comes from an updated SDK. Microsoft seems interested, too. A recent update to the Microsoft Health mobile app has added a link to a Microsoft Health Tile Gallery, and will probably be the expected distribution method for new apps.

To access this link on your smartphone, open the Microsoft Health app and go to Settings – Manage Tiles. At the bottom of the Tiles management page is a Go To Gallery button.

What’s currently available:

  • Inspirations (Gold’s Gym): Get inspired. Check out motivating stories from Gold’s Gym members.

  • Xbox Wire (Microsoft): Stay informed. Get the latest and greatest Xbox One headlines on your Band.

  • AP News: Stay informed. Get the latest AP top news headlines on your Band.

  • Subway Fresh Fit Menu: Check out the latest Subway Fresh Fit menu that packs in tons of flavor with very low fat content!

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