Microsoft Expands Capabilities of Non-Smartphones

Microsoft on Monday revealed a new software application for non-smartphones called OneApp that it says will provide users in emerging markets with new ways to access popular Internet services. The application targets a new class of device called the "feature phone," which sits between traditional cell phones and true smartphones.

"What we're letting you do is get access to the applications and services you want from a device you already own," Microsoft Senior Director of Mobile Product Management Tim McDonough said. "If you don't own a PC, or you share a PC, your mobile phone may be your first or only computing device."

OneApp will be customized by mobile operators, so the experience will vary from market to market. But the app is small enough to be downloaded easily to devices directly, in the same way that ringtones are downloaded today. The first OneApp deployment, in South Africa, will go live in two weeks and include access to Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live Messenger

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