Microsoft Exchange Server Product Add-ons

You know a product is well established when it creates a market for products that enhance it. This month's buyer's guide is about Microsoft Exchange Server add-on tools. Judging from the number of product submissions we received for this month's buyer's guide, Exchange Server has definitely created a new market. This buyer's guide doesn't include Exchange Server fax add-on tools. We had so many submissions that fit the fax category, we decided to dedicate a separate buyer's guide to those tools. The Exchange Server fax add-on tools buyer's guide will appear in the December issue of Windows NT Magazine. This month's buyer's guide includes products for compressing your email, decreasing your deployment or administrative burden (e.g., mail activity reporting tools, user and profile managers, policy management tools, usage monitoring and migration tools), and protecting your Exchange server against email viruses. The buyer's guide also contains unified messaging products, which bring fax and voicemail messaging to Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook, and workgroup and workflow solutions and list servers.

To see a list of future buyer's guide topics or to submit a product for inclusion in an upcoming buyer's guide, go to aboutus/index.cfm?action=buyersguide. For additional Exchange Server-related solutions, check out the Windows NT Magazine Solutions Shopper at

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