Microsoft Build 2016: Join the Social

Microsoft Build 2016: Join the Social

If you’re in San Francisco this week for Build 2016, you’re probably as excited as we are. Except for the rumored announcements, there’s very little else we know about what will be publicized. Microsoft is keeping a lot under wraps until the keynote revs up and blasts out. And, no matter how much of a prognosticator you think you are, Microsoft always finds a way to surprise. I’m positive we’ll hear some things today that will impress and shock. And, when that happens, you can bet the social waves will light up.

We’ll be part of that social wave, with each of us here approaching the event in a different way and from a different perspective. Social has become a very important part of events like this, adding another layer of value that couldn’t be achieved before. Social provides a view into immediate response and reaction and helps build short-term community around content, topics, and news.

We’ll be on-hand to help direct and add to the flash commentary and we’d be happy if you’d join us and even more happy if you’d engage us to keep the conversation going throughout the week.

Here’s how to participate with us:

Watch the Live Stream – kicks off at 11:30am EST/8:30am PST

Follow Rich Hay (@winobs) for full coverage and in-person photos.

Follow Rod Trent (@rodtrent) for full snark and comedic flair.

Follow Michael Morisy (@morisy) for insight and in depth review.

Follow Lisa Schmeiser (@lschmeiser) for capturing the big picture.

Follow WindowsITPro (@WindowsITPro) and DevPro (@DevProConnect) to capture up-to-the-minute news and post-event commentary.

Follow IT/Dev Connections (@devconnections) to learn how to take the Build 2016 announcements and apply them to the real world.

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