Microsoft Band Users Should Stay Away from Windows Mobile Insider Builds for a While

Microsoft Band Users Should Stay Away from Windows Mobile Insider Builds for a While

There’s been heated discussions in the various communities for a while where Band 1 and Band 2 customers complain that Windows 10 Mobile Insider Builds keep breaking the connection. People participating in the Insiders program have a tendency to forget that even through its labeled an “Insider” program it’s still beta software. Bottom line is if you want you rely on your Band for fitness tracking, don’t trust the beta builds.

Even when Windows 10 Mobile finally gets a public release (even the 950 and 950XL still run a pre-release version of Windows 10), the Band will need a Microsoft Health app and firmware update to work correctly.

Today, Microsoft is ready to deliver Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14283 to the Fast Ring. With this comes my same personal same warning, but now Microsoft is backing that up with its own warning for Band customers. In the midst of a list of known issues, is this warning:

If you have a Microsoft Band 1 or 2 paired to your phone, it will no longer sync after updating to this build due to a system API failure that occurs after the update. If you want to get your Band syncing with your phone again – you can temporarily change the language of your phone as a short term workaround until we release a fix. Additionally, you can also choose to reset your phone to get out of this state – however you may experience this update issue again with the next build until we fix this issue. This issue may also impact Skype video and audio calls.

If you’re a die-hard beta tester feel free to install this latest build. But, if you’re an avid Band user, you’ll need to forget about participating in the beta builds for a while.

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