Microsoft Band Tip: Sports Scores Alerts on Your Wrist

Microsoft Band Tip: Sports Scores Alerts on Your Wrist

As for organized sports, I’m a fan of US basketball (NCAA and NBA) and World soccer. So, with the NBA play-offs in full swing I’m interested in staying up-to-date with live game scores for my favorite teams, particularly when I’m stuck in a meeting or doing something else that takes me away from

There’s a couple ways to do it for Windows Phone (and probably more). If you have suggestions for Android and iOS, let me know.

Community Tiles

Community Tiles is available directly in the Microsoft Health app if you go to Settings – Manage Tiles – Go to gallery and locate your favorite teams (in the Feature Tiles section) to install their special tiles on your Microsoft Band. These tiles will give you scores and new about upcoming games.

You can only choose from the MLB, NBA, and NFL from the Featured Tiles area right now. There’s other miscellaneous teams/leagues in the Community Tiles/Sports, but not much of value that I've seen. If you desperately want a team or league that’s not available, feel free to create your own using the web tile tool:

P.S. Please share if you create something you believe is valuable.


On your Windows Phone, open up Cortana’s Notebook and go to Sports to add a team to track.

Cortana alerts show up in the Cortana tile on your Microsoft Band, but also in the general notification Tile (which causes the Band to vibrate) – so you’ll be alerted to scores and upcoming games.


365Scores is actually a pretty good app.  It installs to run on both Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 mobile. The app supports many, many more teams and leagues. It supports 10 different sports including soccer, cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, football, and handball.

You can get it from this link:

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