Microsoft Band Screen: On or Off During Exercise?

Microsoft Band Screen: On or Off During Exercise?

There’s a slew of ways to gain extra battery for the Microsoft Band 2. I’ve covered many of these before, including GPS Power Saver, Notification management, and haptic alerts and screen brightness. But, one thing I’ve not talked about is the ever-present clock and activity face.

During an activity the Band’s screen provides an active display so you can constantly monitor your live stats such as time, distance, and instantaneous pace. I probably glance at it too often, but to me it’s an awesome way to judge how I’m doing and where I can push to make gains during an active activity.

However, during an activity you can put the active screen to sleep (make it dark) by pressing the power button. Your active activity still runs in the background, just the display isn’t immediately readable. If you want to get a quick glance at your current stats, just press the power button again.

It’s never been a problem for me, but if you want to eke out a tiny bit extra battery life, you can give it a try.

Do you do this already? Or, are you like me and are addicted to the real-time data?

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