Microsoft Band just $149.99 on Amazon

Microsoft Band just $149.99 on Amazon

It seems the fire sale for various Microsoft hardware products continues this week.

Last week we told you about the big savings on docks for Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 at Amazon and now today it is the original Microsoft Band that has a 25% price cut.

All indications over the last couple of weeks point towards a big Microsoft hardware launch this fall that is expected to include two new flagship Lumia phones, a Surface Pro 4 and the second iteration of Microsoft's popular wearable the Microsoft Band.

Microsoft has long promised that the next Surface Pro device will not force users to purchase new accessories so the big sale on those docks, which is still in effect this week, is strange as they are not likely moving inventory to make room for new items.

As for this 25% discount on Microsoft Band, it makes a lot of sense because Microsoft will be expecting users to purchase the new device when it becomes available. Selling as many of the first generation Microsoft Bands before v2 hits the market is a normal move as new hardware is on the horizon. Hopefully, they will produce enough to meet the demand as availability with v1 was a major issue and sources told us that the initial production run was limited to just 30,000 units.

I am looking forward to seeing the improvements to the Microsoft wearable and its capabilities. If v1 is any indication then the two major areas that need to be addressed in the next version is size and battery life although the latter has improved for me over the last two firmware updates.

We are just 5 to 6 weeks away from October, the suspected timeframe for a hardware launch event, so we will hopefully get more clarity on the event and its scope in the next few weeks.

In the meantime if you want to take advantage of saving 25% on v1 of Microsoft Band then here are the links to them on Amazon:

If you are in the market for a spare USB charging cable for your Band they are also available on Amazon for $19.99, same price as the Microsoft Store online, or you could check out third party items we covered back in July.

Is a price drop like this enough to get you to try out a Microsoft Band or will you wait for v2 to be released later this year?

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