MetLife Building Technology Hub to Better Serve Customer Needs

MetLife Building Technology Hub to Better Serve Customer Needs

Social media and other similar community networks have generated an almost audible boom, creating a genesis in how customers locate and consume content. Facebook seemed to initiate the online content gold rush, but since its inception, many other content aggregation service have risen. Participation online, in social areas, have now become a popular part of life. Consumers now seek solutions online first, understanding the benefits and knowing that answers are only a touchscreen away.

MetLife, the global life insurance, annuities and employee benefits company, is seeking to become the technology leader for their industry sector through the construction of a new $125.5 million technology hub in North Carolina. Recognized to be the home of known technology giants like IBM, the new technology hub is to be erected in the Research Triangle park area with a completion date sometime in 2015.

The intent for the technology hub is to enable world-class customer service through the use of custom, innovative solutions. MetLife intends to create 2,600 jobs with the new technology solutions center, which will provide one of the largest jobs creation institutions in North Carolina's recent history. Over the coming months more than 1,000 positions will open across various functions including engineering, development, app maintenance, IT risk and security and tech support.

To help build publicity for the technology hub and to also ensure those interested are able to locate open positions, MetLife has unveiled a dedicated web site at The web site offers full details on the start-of-the-art campus, delivers ongoing news, and provides the ability for job seekers to connect directly with areas of interest.








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